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6 February 2016

How to make Sushi

I've been threatening to have a go at making sushi at home for a while now. Eventually, after many false starts, I can finally say that I've done it and it was a roaring success! I think this might be my first ever post on food. Ha ha! Let me reveal the secrets to my sushi success...

Somehow, in my sticky-fingered state, I managed to switch my camera to taking square pictures. How Arty! Here is some of the sushi my daughter made to her own special recipe.

It's all about the secrets today...

Earlier this week I was surprised to discover that it was my birthday. Fortunately, other people had remembered. Look at these two books I was given by my loving family. What a great combination! I haven't looked at the All Blacks book yet, but Yuki Gomi's "Sushi at Home" has been skimmed and re-skimmed every day since I got it. Go buy it!

I'll be straight up and honest with you and say that I've been heavily influenced by some recommendations Yuki makes for cooking sushi rice. The rest of what I did is sort of half-remembered from a class at Yo Sushi last year.

There are three parts to making sushi rice. The measurements I call out here are what I used to make two normal rolls of sushi.

Step 1 - Make the Rice Vinegar flavouring

Pour 2 and a bit table spoons of Rice Vinegar into a saucepan. Add in 1 table spoon of sugar and 1/3 table spoons of salt. Without letting it boil, heat until the sugar and salt disolves. Switch it off and let it cool.

Step 2 -  Make the Sushi Rice

Wash 150g of sushi rice under running water until the water runs clear. Stick it in a pan filled with 200ml of water and let it stand for 30 minutes.

Bring to the boil. Turn the heat down, stick on a lid, and leave to simmer for 10 minutes. Don't lift the lid until the very end.

Switch off the heat and leave to stand for a further 15 minutes. Now you can lift the lid!

Step 3 - Mix the Vinegar and Rice together

Dump the rice onto flat non-stick surface. Pour over the vinegar and fold in with a wooden spoon. By now this rice is like glue!

I actually got a cold hairdrier on this to speed things up a little

In between waiting for the rice to cook, I got the rollers ready by covering them with clingfilm. 

At the same time, my daughter was preparing the ingredients for her sushi.

Hers contained tuna-mayo, cucumber and avocado.

Mine contained crab, salmon and chive, inspired by Yuki's "Classic Seafood Fukomati". 

This is where the fun really started. My first mistake was to forget to use seaweed. What a sticky mess! Ha ha. Eventually my daughter remembered that we needed to put the nori on the roller with the grain horizontal, shiney side up.

We split the rice and added it to our seaweed, leaving about an inch at the top, then we added the ingedients in a line at the bottom.

The bowl of water was there for us to wash our hands. Have I mentioned how sticky the rice is?

Once filled, you roll it up from the bottom until you get something like what's in the picture. Give it a bit of a fondle until everything is firm 

Here's the roll with the roller taken off. All that's left is to cut it up. You need a really, really sharp knife for this, trying not to press down too hard. Don't cut the roll too thin and everything should be fine. Trust me... I'm half Japanese. ;-)

No prizes for presentation, but certainly prizes aplenty for the taste! This was lovely and well worth the effort making it.

I'm perhaps teaching you to suck eggs here, but I typically eat my sushi by dipping it into soy sauce mixed with wasabi. The only way! 


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