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6 November 2016

It's all a matter of perspective

A couple of weeks ago I was taken by a couple of a new ideas for making pictures inspired by some fantastic work I stumbled across on the internet. Being the uneducated fool that I am, I don't really know what to call this new style, but I can certainly explain what I got up to in my experimentation...

First of all, let's give credit where credit is due. Here is the picture that inspired my adventures. It's a lino-print by London-based artist, Paul Catherall called Trellik Blue. He's done a series of print runs from this particular design but this one is my favourite. I love the colours; I love the simplified design; I love the geometery; I love this picture!

The subject is a distinctive housing block in a pretty distinctive suburb of London. Here's what wikipedia has to say on Trellick Tower:
Trellick Tower is a 31-storey block of flats in Kensal Town, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, London, England. It was designed in the Brutalist style by architect Ernő Goldfinger after a commission from the Greater London Council in 1966, and completed in 1972. It is a Grade II* listed building and is 98 metres (322 ft) tall (120 metres (394 ft) including the communications mast).
I really do need to find out more about the wonderfully named Ernő Goldfinger! Althought the architecture might be described as Brutalist, I'm not sure that this picture warrants the same title.

5 November 2016

How to build a printing press in 460 easy steps

It's time I told you about my latest project. It sort of appeared out of nowhere borne out of my latest passion for lino-printing. I've been busy building a printing press! I haven't finished yet, but I'm so close, I've just got to talk to somebody about it!

WARNING! This post is a monster. Grab a cup of tea before proceeding any further.

What do I mean by printing press? Actually, I've made more of a nipping type of press of the sort used in book-binding. The #fingerart above is kind of the picture I had in my mind when I set out, only mine would be made of wood rather than cast iron.

I don't know if this will work, but I want to see if I can use it to print linocuts, That's my main reason for building this contraption but I'll admit that I'm also building it for the sake of building it. I'm exploring the Art of the Possible! :-)

When I looked on-line to see if I could pick up an old secondhand nipping press I found them to be in short supply, in the region of about £100-200. I'm not the first person to think of making one. Newly made wooden versions are even more expensive. I've seen some very basic "homemade" presses selling upwards of £300. Surely I could knock one together for a fraction of the cost? You betcha!