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9 April 2017

A Scarab in the Geometry

My last post was all about mind-blowing Progressive Metal in the form of a new album by Hologram Earth called "Black Cell Program". Did I mention how much I love that album? In many ways BCP has become the soundtrack for my latest lino-cutting project. This was the music I was listening to as I pulled off some test prints yesterday. The two will forever be linked. Beautiful.

But what is my latest lino-cutting project? Read on...

This is the cover to "Black Cell Program". It's a design by Jasper Kloosterboer. I've taken this picture at a gawkish angle to confuse you, but let me describe it... Flat on, the picture fills a roughly squarish space. I can see distortion in the construction. There are what looks to be branches... a sort of organic touch and then lots of what appears to be stretched images that have a strange geometric feel to them. It's a jumble of lines and shapes, like an explosion! I'm quite taken by it. By some weird coincidence, my latest project explores some of these ideas. Jasper and I are on the same track... only coming at it from completely different angles.

Reading about Jasper on his site I am quite taken by this quote: "Constantly learning and experimenting he approaches design in a systematic way, crafting his own tools to overcome boundaries."

Jasper is battling #geometry with his own weapons.

I too am knee deep in this self, same battle and my weapon of choice is linocutting! ;-)

8 April 2017

Hologram Earth - Black Cell Program (2017)

About bloody time!

I didn't believe Luuk Van Der Velden when he told me that it has been 5 years since Hologram Earth's first EP hit the shelves. I still listen to it in my darker moments. Having now checked I can confirm that it has indeed been 5 years. You can read my review of it and a bit of a rambling introduction to the band on a post I wrote back then.

Luuk has always promised that there would be an album someday. I've always promised that I would go and see the boys live. Up until yesterday we were both equally bad at delivering the goods. Now it's just me :-(

I'm delighted to announce that the long-awaited first album is here! Woohoo! It was launched yesterday. I must have listened to it 16 times already. I was going to do a post about my latest linocut project, but you know what... stuff linocutting... today it is all about Hologram Earth and the gradual eroding of my sanity. Ha ha. Pull up a chair and I shall begin...

Here's my super slick vinyl edition that arrived yesterday. Perfect timing! It's a gate-fold double-album pressed in white vinyl. Nice! The cover art is a wonderful design made by Klooster. I haven't had chance to learn much about who or what Klooster is, but I will at some point soon hopefully. If you have details... then send them my way.

Update 09-Apr-2017: I've details on the elusive Jasper Kloosterboer. "Constantly learning and experimenting, he approaches design in a systematic way." I want you to hold this thought for my next post. You can check out some of Jasper's work here.